Malongo Café Meeting

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In spite of the rain on our parade (or rather picnic in this case), last Sunday's Meeting (26/09) was another success for Biblion Project. We moved to Malongo Café in the heart of the Latin Quarter (Paris 6ème), where the ambiance is as warm as the coffee is hot. After a good bout of conversation and catch-up, the meeting quickly evolved into a convivial and vivacious exchange of ideas. Big thanks to everyone who could come out and share their thoughts!

photo groupe 

After the meeting, the smarter members hurried home to get out of the rain. As for the rest of us, well, we stuck around for a photograph. In the back row, from left to right: Julien, Brandon, Parth, Gwladys, Michael. In front: Jyothsna, Aardharsh. Not pictured: Kelly, Lisa.

More on those ideas to come very soon. Check back on the blog later today for a detailed recap of what was put on the table, as well as information pertaining to the next BiP meeting this Sunday!

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